• Lorraine Cormier

Free Radicals And The Aging Process


I wonder sometime if people have the same trouble understand the words “free radicals” like I did, and how they have an impact on the aging process.

Free radicals play an important part when it comes to the aging process. Not that we can slow down the aging process, but we can slow down the effects it has on our appearance. It can be a little hard to understand since everything is written on a scientific level. So I decided to write about “how free radicals age us” to help break it down.

First of all, what is a free radical? A free radical is an unstable molecule that is searching for another neutron to stabilize itself. In the process another molecule becomes unstable which starts a domino effect. It will attack any cell in its path, unhealthy or not.

In other words, as long as a free radical has a partner, he’s happy. Once he loses his partner he is on the prowl again and will attack anything to double up. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a damaged cell or a healthy cell. If it attaches itself to a healthy cell the damage has started. Damaged healthy cells then lead to tissue damage, this then proceeds to show on the outside and the aging process has begun.

Aging is simply the progression of damaged cells and cells are damaged by free radicals. Even though free radicals help us to ward of disease, if not taken care of properly they can just as easily get out of control and do us more harm than good.

The number one cause of free radicals is the oxygen that we breath. Oxygen is a free radical and we need it to survive. But if we do not produce the antioxidants to donate an electron to a free radical we start a domino effect. Other causes are smoking, stress, alcohol, pollution and of course to much sun without protection our body does produce its own antioxidant, but not enough to equal out the damage that we cause ourselves.

By taking antioxidants, we are able to donate an electron to a free radical thus stabilizing and stopping potential damage. By eating foods that are rich in Vitamins E and C and eating your servings of fruit and vegetables (especially leafy greens), nuts, poultry and fish, you can slow own the damage that free radicals


As an esthetician I always tell clients that SPF is import year around, rest is essential also and so is a positive attitude


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