• Lorraine Cormier

5 Questions You Should Ask to Avoid a Microblading Fiasco

As an esthetician in college we are given general rules on how to create the perfect brow, but the sad thing is some follow it to a “T”. It is for the aesthetician to perfect her work and know what will look good on her client knowing that each client is unique

     Brows have become the focal point on our face. If the brows are “on point” then the rest of our makeup just seems to fall into place. Some people can spend half an hour just to create the perfect brows.

So if you want to get your eyebrows microbladed, here are our tips for you:

1.First if the price is low…ask why. Sometimes you get what you pay for

2.Ask to see before and after pictures.

Pictures are worth a thousand words and it gives you a clear idea of what yours could look like.

3.Are they certified? Ask to see their certificates.

The microblading world is not regulated yet and certificates mean alot in this industry.

4.Ask to see the tools they are using.

A good technician will have no problem opening the tools in front of you. They should have an expiry date on the package.

5.There should not be carpet in the room that you are getting your treatment in.

Finally, Do your homework. You are about to get tattooed and yes, microblading is a tattoo. Microblading is not governed by any association, so basically, it is a free for all! Make sure you are comfortable with someone's work and credentials before you proceed with this treatment.

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