• Lorraine Cormier

6 Reasons Why You Should Already Know About Microneedling

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

We are all looking for that magic potion, the fountain of youth but we don't all have the means to put thousands of dollars on our face every three to four months. As skin care techniques advance, we try to find something that can fit our budget and give us results that will make us feel and look good without breaking the bank.

Good skin care products are definitely a must, but the aging process doesn’t just start on the skin surface, which is called the epidermis, the dermis can have a drastic effect on our outside appearance. That is where microneedling comes work its magic. Also known as collagen induction therapy, it is a procedure that uses fine needles to puncture the skin, barely touching the dermis. It creates a controlled injury torejuvenate the skin. By causing an injury the body automatically starts the healing process thus creating cellular turnover and increased collagen andelastin production.

That being said, here are the reasons why you should know about microneedling already.

1) Improves and treats acne scared skin

     That treatment tricks your skin into thinking it needs to heal itself. Where you might have acne scars, your body will heal again with the extra collagen that will be produced on that treated area. Finally, the treatment will leave your skin more even and flawless.

2) Tightens loose neck skin

     On the same note, collagen also helps the elasticity of the skin. Since the treatment uses needle to help our body produce more collagen : If the treatment is done consistently, you could see a difference in a reduction of the loose skin.

3) Shrinks pores

     You know your ear piercings will eventually disappear if you don't wear earrings on a regular basis. Microneedling works the same way, just a little faster. By tricking your skin to heal itself, your pores eventually close as well.

4) Makes your products work better because products can then penetrate more efficiently

     We described the process of microneedling in the introduction. Since you now know that tiny needles will perforate your skin, you consequently know the products you use will penetrate the dermis instead of drying on the surface, your epidermis.

5) It can also prevent and slow down the aging process before it begins

     While your making your skin rejuvenate more often, you are also helping it prevent aging cycles. The mixture of extra collagen, of forcing your skin to create molecules to heal microscopic injuries and enhancement of your body's natural healing will help prevent skin aging. Microneedling can certainly help the aging process. 

6) Positive effects on hyperpigmentation

Because it is invasive and forces your skin to rejuvenate, the hyperpigmentation caused by the deposits left by an excess of melanin could be reduced to leave your skin more even. 

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